Gather Around the Table

Do you remember gathering as a family for sunday dinner? This was before the cell phone era. Many of you may remember praying and asking God to bless the meal, then you would eat. While eating dinner you would talk about what is happening in your lives, and the life of your family. Here at The Spirit Calls we come together to feast on the Word and discuss topics that are near and dear to our hearts as Christians.

When you listen to The Spirit Calls, you are not just in your home or vehicle listening to MIke, Laurie and Charlene talk. You are joining in a conversation, sitting at the table with us. We want to hear what you have to say as much as you want to hear what we are saying. We have seen a steady flow of traffic to our website. We’d love it if you would hit that contact link and send us a note, or give Mike a call at207-730-3386 and let us know you’re at the table with us. Let us know your thoughts about the topics we’re discussing. Maybe you’d like to share a testimony on the program. Come on! Pull up a seat at the table and let YOUR voice be heard. That encourages us to keep making our voices heard every week. Come and dine, the Master calleth, come and dine. You can feast at Jesus’ Table any time, and we hope it’s every Sunday at 10pm on Word Radio Life, or via the Broadcasts page on this website if you can’t get the stations.

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The Spirit Calls

The Spirit Calls is a radio ministry of Mount Zion Chapel in Wells Maine. We feature preaching, interviews, testimonies, and some music. Our guests are people from our church and local area, or people Mike meets while traveling with The Greatest Gift. Our facebook page is

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