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This program is hosted by Laurie Ford, Mike Biasin and Charlene Filley Staples. The program was on pause for three years, as God was working in our lives and putting things in place in our various ministry ventures. We signed off in June of 2019. On September 30th 2022, we started praying and believing God to restore this exciting and vibrant ministry.

For three years, MIke and Charlene did not see each other, as Mike moved to West Newfield, and as part of The Greatest Gift, started the Little House of Hope and Prayer. During the year prior to getting together, Mike had a longing to reconnect with Charlene, and he and his lovely girlfriend Laurie did just that on September 30th. That night, all of them felt strongly that The Spirit Calls was destined to return to the airwaves. Its comeback launched on WRKJ and WWPC (Word Radio Life) on January 1st 2023.

The Spirit Calls is heard Sundays at 10pm on the stations of Word Radio Life, WRKJ 88.5 FM Westbrook Maine, and WWPC 91.7 New Durham NH. We invite you to be a part of the team that is making this a reality by praying for us, and visiting the link below.

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With your faithful prayers and participation, we fully believe God will use this program to reach many souls in our region for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!