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You are a part of every heart God touches through this program!

The bible encourages us all to count the cost and make sure we have sufficient to finish the job. In the uncertain times we are living in, any venture must be planned for with prayer, and preparation. We would like to see God bring in the provisions for the entire first year We have now been on the air for 4 months and God has been supplying and blessing, and we’d love to give YOU the opportunity to be a part of this program that is spreading hope, joy, and peace into the hearts of those who desperately need a touch from God.

Please visit our GoFundMe page and be on the forefront of the next great wave of God’s Spirit sweeping across our region!

No gift is too big or small! No gift is insignificant. If you can only pray, that is huge too. Let us know on the contact page that you are praying for us. Be obedient to whatever God speaks to your heart to do, and we will be grateful!